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Malta Market Ambience

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sound compilation: Malta Market Sounds

Malta Market Sounds

Malta Fish Market Ambience


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Capturing the Sounds of an outdoor market in Malta

We recorded the bustling market ambience of the picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk in Malta on a windy and cloudy Sunday morning. People from all over Malta come here to buy fish and other daily products like vegetables and clothing. Although it was busy, it was perfect for capturing ambience recordings. We managed to park our vehicle at the very end of the market, which was ideal for recording.


We walked along the coast and recorded sounds at 12 different locations, capturing the sounds of fishermen repairing fishnets, the seaside wave splash at the pier, and the lively and authentic atmosphere created by people bargaining with the sellers. We also recorded sounds in different languages including Italian, English, and Malti, both in front and behind of the vendors and visitors.


The sound library also includes ambient sounds in front and behind of vegetable and clothing stores, and the distant sound of cars passing by. We used two Sennheiser MKH 8040 and the Zoom F6 to capture all of these sounds.


If you’re looking for a village market ambience that includes harbor vibes from Malta, or if you need an overall market soundscape that includes different European languages, this sound library is perfect for you.


Sound samples

Malta Market Ambience Sound Library



Malta Outdoor Market

12 files • 32 bit / 192kHz • 3 GB
32 min

Malta Market Sounds

Malta Fish Market Ambience



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