Luxury Private Jet Sound Library

If you’ve been following my journey around the world for a while, then you probably know that I have several airport and aircraft sound effect libraries already up here on the site.

Sound Compilation (To Download The Library Scroll Down)

This new collection of aircraft sounds includes private jet sounds from 18 different jets. What excites me most about this catalog is for me is that I could finally record on the side of an airfield (instead of only from the front and back of the runways)!

Short Video Of Me Recording The Private Jets In Aspen 

The small ski resort town of Aspen, Colorado has a small airport which only allows certain aircraft types like the Citation XLS+, Challenger 650 Phenom 300, Bombardier to land.

To record these sounds, I positioned myself very close to the airfield. I was able to record some amazing pass by, ground taxi pass by from the distance, the shut down of the engines in the background, extremely loud and roaring takeoffs/landing sound effects from these luxury private jets and Bombardier commercial planes operated by American Airlines. Also, I should mention that I was able to catch one propeller plane take off and pass by.

Aspen Airport, Colorado
Aspen Airport, Colorado

Field Recording Gear

Exciting news… I bought new high-quality sound equipment! For these sounds, I recorded on three recorders at the same time. I used the Zoom F4 with the DPA 4060 microphones fixed on an A-B rig, the Zoom F8n with the brand new Wildtronics Mono/Stereo parabolic dish (so I could follow the planes) and I positioned the Zoom H3VR to record in four channel ambisonic sounds!

Bandcamp only allows stereo recordings so you find all recordings from the Zoom F4 and the Zoom F8n with the stereo version of the parabolic dish inside this library for free. The ambisonic sounds ( four channel recordings) can be found inside the VR sound library.

This luxury private jet sound library gives you new possibilities that are endless if it comes to sound design, music production or as the original sound for film or any other of your production! Enjoy listening and have fun with these new royalty free sound effects!

Files: 31
Download: 2.5 GB
Format: Stereo
Bit Depth: 24-Bit
Sample Rate: 192kHz
Metadata: Soundly, Adobe Audition, Download Metadata
Equipment: Zoom F8n, Zoom F4, Zoom H3VR, DPA 4060, Wildtronics Mono/Stereo Parabolic Dish



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