Los Angeles Interstate Traffic Sound Effects! 405


This Sound will be the first one and the start of our Sound Series “Los Angeles City Sounds”

It is summer in California and that means it is hot and the streets are full. Okay, the streets are always full of traffic and so the 405!

What is the 405?

The Interstate 405 or I-405 is an Interstate Highway in the State of California. It is a bypass of Interstate 5 through the western areas of the metropolitan area of Los Angeles. The highway is one of the most important north-south connections in southern California and is the most traveled road in the United States with about 390,000 vehicles daily in some areas of the 405.

To build the 405 was decided in 1955 and the construction began two years later. The first section was opened in 1961 and completed in 1969 in Orange County.

International fame got the Freeway in 1994 when O. J. Simpson tried to escape with his Ford Bronco and the whole world had an Eye on that chase with the Police.

We start recording at Seal Beach Area for about five minutes!

We filmed this part of the video with the GoPro and recorded with the Zoom H6,  the Rode NTG4+ and the Rode WS6.

We opened the window and Libby had the microphone in her hand and went slowly from the right side to left side of the window to get the sounds as good as possible.
We had fun doing this and we have an upcoming in-car sound from Monterey in the Mountains and the sound from the most Interstates from our Road Trip from Iowa to California!

…and now I invite you to download this traffic ambient from Los Angeles!

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