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Long Beach Farmers Market Ambient Sound

Farmer’s Markets or farm stands are wonderful places to walk around, shop and buy fresh produce and often times the producers offer handmade samples direct from the producer. But I came to the South East Farmers Market for only one reason. To capture sound. I went on Farmers Markets all around the World. Japan, Bali, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, France or Germany are just a few examples. And while I am writing this, I wished I would have this idea of field recordings earlier but it is what it is! We made a few videos about Street Markets on our YouTube Channel “Libby and Marcel” if you interested.

Long Beach South East Farmers Market
I am super excited to record sounds from the Farmers Markets when we flying back to Vietnam in November. So stay tuned for that and believe me, the vibe, the atmosphere everything will be completely different.
As I mentioned I recorded this audio at the South East Farmers Market and this market is one of the bigger markets in Los Angeles and only on Sunday!
If you are around, the market opened at 9 am until 2 pm! You can just park your car at WholeFoods across the street and walk two minutes to the oceanfront. You can’t miss it!
Here is the exact location to make it easier for you to find it!

I wasn’t filming while I am recording so after the Intro on YouTube you will see a photo of the market but I will write you what you will hear. Also, you will listen to a live band in the video but I haven’t include the sound in the file that you can download because I am not sure about the rights. I should have asked them so I could credit them.

Imaging you walk with me. We standing in the middle of the market and we start walking to the left site of the market.
1. A live band is playing.
2. In the Background, you can listen to a man talking and laughing.
3. Somebody is kicking a can on the floor.
4. You listen to walking steps and then we come across a razor sound for a few seconds.
5. Now we come closer to a stand with a grinder machine. It is a woman who sharps here knifes and scissors on a grinding stone. I will get really close to her machine and record this sound for about a minute before I keep on walking.
South East Farmers Market Long Beach
6. When you this “cling cling” sounds this is a stand who sells these items that you can hang on windows or doors and if somebody opened the door you know it! I wished we haven’t so much traffic from the street in the background.

walla crowd sound effects
7. Now I come across the grinding lady again.
8. More “walla walla”! sound!*
9. Now I pass the band again. Really awesome sound by the way.
10. A vendor has a special offer and tells this the people.
11. A fast car drives away!
12. Somebody ask if somebody would love to try a “free sample”!
13. More “walla walla”* sound and another short recording of walking.
14. A different band is playing in the background and one Guy said “Here is a Guy with some strange rabbits” He means the windjammer :)!Now I turn off the recorder.
I think we got some really nice sounds from these markets and I hope you can use parts of it for your project!
Thanks for listening!

*Walla is the American term for atmospheric crowd background sounds!

Field Recording People Crowd

“The most important thing you can do as a sound designer is to make the right choice for the right sound at the right moment”

Ben Burtt

…and now I invite you to download this Crowd Ambience Sound Effects for free!

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