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Rice Machine Sounds! Vietnam Sounds

Listen and download these amazing rice machine sounds from old Yanmar rice machines!

Sometimes you have to be at the right time at the right place and in the moment I spotted my next sound, I thought that it is always good that I never leave the house without the sound recorder.
I just came back from lunch and thought about going to the barbershop. I arrived and saw that he was super busy. I told him I am coming tomorrow then.

Rice Machine Sounds

In the same street, a small shop got my attention. I heard this very interesting rumbling and crackling sound.
If you record sounds you learn to listen to details. I walked over and saw the two ladies in the shop filling up rice in this huge bags. I walked into the shop with a smile and my recorder in the hand.

Rice Machine Sounds

In Vietnam, many street shops don’t have windows or doors. You technically sit on the street if you think about the noises around you. But it’s real and authentic and typically for Vietnam so I love it.
Now comes the part where the most people are afraid of or just shy. Asking!

Rice Machine Sounds

Street photographer or field recorder get over this point and just do it! I smiled and pointed to this amazing Yanmar machine and my to my ears and made them understand that I would love to record this sound! Of course, they smiled and had no problem with that. They also showed me how the machine works to make the rice. That was really cool!

Rice Machine Sounds

It is a simple two steps process but still so much hard work required.

The task of the first machine is to remove the husk and the bran layers. As you can see in the photo it just blows it out of the exhaust- After that, we have this edible, white rice kernel that is sufficiently milled and most of the impurities are gone.

The second machine is a for measuring and cleaning as well. the process of the vibration plate is to get rid of little stones or other unwanted material.
The lady fills the rice in this huge bags and put it in the corner until somebody buys it.

Rice Machine Sounds

It was a fantastic experience because I learned something new and a had the chance to record another great sound as well!

“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.”

– Eugene Ionesco

About the recording! 

I recorded both machines in the correct process order and you can download both sounds in one file. The Original Version plus the SoundCloud Version! What I really love about the sound is that you can listen to the lady’s talking sometimes. Enjoy this very special sound.

SoundCloud Version!

Download File

Original Version!

Download File


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