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Lisbon Harbour Sound Effects

Lisbon is a bustling city with a rich history and culture, and one of the main transportation hubs in the city is Cais do Sodré ferry terminal. Situated west of the city, this terminal connects the Tagus River to Seixal and Cacilhas, providing an essential transportation link for locals and tourists alike.

As a sound effects recording enthusiast, I was drawn to Cais do Sodré for the opportunity to capture its unique sounds. I visited the terminal twice, once during the day and once at night, to record the different ambience that each time of day and night brings.


Nighttime Recording at Cais do Sodré Ferry Terminal

One of the standout features of recording at Cais do Sodré at night is the eerie, spooky sound that the terminal creates. The sound is created by the waves moving the floating pier up and down, resulting in a continuous, creepy squeaking sound. This effect is heightened by the reverb of the terminal, making it the perfect sound for horror movies, video games, and sound design.
Although the terminal may sound frightening, Lisbon is a safe city and I was surrounded by passengers coming and going, chatting with each other as they waited for their ferry. I captured this distance chatter as well, providing a layer of walla to the soundscape.


Daytime Recording at Cais do Sodré Ferry Terminal

When I returned to Cais do Sodré during the day, the atmosphere was completely different. The terminal was busy with passengers and the sound was a mix of walla and the sounds of daily life at the ferry terminal.
One of the highlights of the daytime recordings is the sound of the alarm that triggers every time a terminal gate opens and closes. Additionally, you can hear the sound of the automatically controlled ticket machine, providing a unique sound effect for your library.

Whether you’re working on a project that requires ferry terminal sound effects, or simply want to add some unique sounds to your collection, the recordings from Cais do Sodré in Lisbon are a must-have.


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