Insects & Swarms Sound Effects – Wings & Vibration

Recording Insects & Swarms Sound Effects in Bali, Indonesia

What a fun sound I could record a few nights ago around our house in Ubud. After sunset these little creators coming out the woodwork and flying around all lights that they can find. You can see them all over the place for a few hours and then there gone. Eaten by geckos, birds, spiders or killed by other enemies. On the next day you only see wings on the floor. The ants doing the rest and removing the dead “bodies” from the streets.

Insects & Swarms Sound Effects

On the next day after these recordings we had a little ant highway on our terrace. The “nature police”, thats how we call ants in Germany cleaned all up. I personally feel so bad for these bugs because it seems like they have no idea how to fly or just don’t know where to go or what to do.

Insects & Swarm Sound Effects For Sleep – Full Length On YouTube

How I recorded the Insects & Swarms Sound Effects

Libby and I went back home and I saw this incredible swarm inside one of our lights that are around the house. These creatures flying or buzzing around and moving on the ground. I grabbed the Zoom H6, a pair of my new Micro USI Pro by LOM. I tried one recording with the Limpetmics contact microphones that I mixed together with one of the regular sounds.

I put the Zoom direct under the light.  The insects on the ground hang out on the microphone and walked on top of windjammer. That alone created a really cool sound, but after I attached the microphones to the light source, I could record the wings and the vibration of the insects on the microphones too.

Insects & Swarms Sound Effects

If you play the audio tracks make sure you listen to the sound of the motorbike driving by or the airplane flyover (track 4) sound effect.  The mics are all so close to each other and I feel like that created this really fun, interesting and spooky sounding hollow effect.

Other sounds in the recordings are cicadas, our night frog that comes out every night sitting in the same plant and croaks around. We have dogs and several chickens in the background as well. I recorded these sounds around 9 pm north of Ubud in Bali! Enjoy!

Field Recording Equipment

Zoom H6 recorded in 96kHz-24bit (369 USD)
Usi Micro Pro (125 Euro pair)
Limpet Contact Microphone Pro Wedge (45 Pounds)

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Category: Sounds Of Indonesia, Animal sounds, Insects Sounds, 
Type: Insects & Swarms Sound Effects 
Specs: 5 files • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 800 MB 
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Duration: 23 min 
Equipment: Zoom H6, Usi Micro Pro, Limpet Contact Mic
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