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Industrial Sound Effects from Long Beach Industrial Park, California

Hi Guys! In this ocean and industrial soundscape, I present you two free sounds effects that I recorded at the Long Beach Industrial Park + a sneak peek what sounds are coming next on the channel! I would say it is a little sound vlog and part of my LA City Sound Series! What I’m going to do in the future is to tell a little bit more about the sounds and where I recorded the sounds in all upcoming videos now! Let me know if you like this idea! Rycote NTG Super Blimp We drove the Pier F Avenue or the street to the Container Terminal and after you drive around this one right corner you see Koch Carbon and the Chemoil Marine Terminal! If you haven’t been here yet, you really should! It is insane how many trucks coming this way, every minute! It is so unbelievably busy! So we stopped the car and I got out of the car and you can already smell the oil in the air and all what you here is this super loud machine sounds and street sounds! I placed the microphone right in front of the fence and recorded for about five minutes in front of this water cleaning system! The sound file that you download is the original file and about 5 minutes long! Here is the exact location where I recorded this sound effect! For the second sound, I just drove down the street and stopped next to the water to record this ocean wave sound! In this sound effect, you can listen to the waves and the water slowly crashing on the shore! In the background, you still have this industrial sound! The sound file is also about five minutes long! Waterfront Long Beach Industrial Park A friendly police officer came by and ask me what I am doing here and I told him that I record sound and that anybody can use these sounds for free! He said, “Wow, that is really cool”! He also told me that he as a police officer has no problem about people recording or filming here but you could get in trouble with private security because they don’t know the laws! So be aware that if you ever here recording or filming but not on private property that you can call the Police if private security wants to remove you! Nothing happened to us! Seriously this place is pure magic and even better at night time! When I recorded at the San Pedro Fishmarket at night time and drove alone along these streets I got goosebumps. Long Beach is a huge movie and film location so keep this in mind if you download this sounds! Before we leave Los Angeles and Orange County I go back to this place to record one Intersection where only trucks and a few cars driving! It is so loud and powerful you feel every vibration in your body and you Guys have to listen to this! But to get a real feeling you have to visit this place! Also when you sit and drive in a Toyota Yaris you feel really small on this road between all these containers and trucks! Here is the exact location where I recorded the sound of the waves! That was also the first time using the Rycote Superblimp! Overall I am super happy with this gear and you have zero wind noise in the field recording! If you serious about sound recording, you should get this one or any other product from Rycote!

“Little things can make such a big difference during recording” Matt Cameron

…and now I invite you to download these Industrial sound effects from the Industrial Park in Long Beach California! If you have friends and you feel like they could benefit from this sound as well, please share this post! Thank you!

Industrial sound effect in front of the water cleaning system!

Download File

Ocean Sound file in front of the shore! 

Download File


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