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sound compilation: industrial fan sounds

Industrial Exhaust

Industrial Fan System recorded in Inglewood, Los Angeles


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Recording industrial fan sounds in California

If you’re searching for high-quality industrial fan sound effects, you’ve come to the right place. I had the opportunity to record some incredible sounds on my way to LAX airport back in 2017. As I was driving, I came across a heavy-duty exhaust fan blower and immediately stopped my car to capture these amazing sound effects.

To get the best recordings, I positioned myself behind a fence near the main road, which also means that you’ll hear some traffic ambience in the recordings. But that’s not all – I was also able to capture some distant sirens, possibly from a police or fire truck, which add an extra layer of intensity to the sounds.

These industrial fan sound effects are perfect for sound designers, filmmakers, and game developers who are looking for high-quality audio to add depth and realism to their projects. So if you’re looking for the perfect sounds to enhance your creative work, look no further than these amazing industrial fan sound effects.


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Industrial Fan Sound Effects



Industrial Fan Sounds

1 file • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 55 MB
4 min

Industrial Exhaust

Industrial Fan System recorded in Inglewood, Los Angeles



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