In Flight Sounds (Binaural) Da Nang To Singapore

You should wear headphones for this in flight sounds trip! (Binaural) 🙂

We made it to Bali and I got my new DPA microphones and the matching Rycote windjammers but before I could receive them we had to fly to Singapore.
It was a pleasant flight with no turbulence and I had these roller coaster flights but we had no issues and I am going to take you with me on the flight from Da Nang to Singapore.

In Flight Sounds

These sounds are perfect to fall asleep so get your headphones and relax.
We are one of the first who entered the plane and our seat was pretty much in the front of the aircraft. I went straight to my seat and turned the H6 on. I used the Soundman binaural microphones.

About the recording!

More and more people coming in and putting the luggage in the boxes.
You can listen to the sound of the seatbelts clicking, people chatting, baby crying and there is always a person who starts coughing. All sounds compared with the typical “drone” sound of the plane engine are just perfect.
Then the pushback and we getting slowly to the starting field.

In Flight Sounds

The machine accelerates and we go up in the air!
If you wondering it is the Airbus A320
The flight is around two hours and thirty minutes so I stopped the recording and before the landing, I turned the recorder back on so you can listen to the touchdown and the braking of the aircraft!

In Flight Sounds


“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun”.

– Mary Lou Cook

It is a really cool recording so I hope you enjoy the sound.
The file is almost 700 MB and you can just download the sound from my SoundCloud Account. Just click the little hook in the media player.
Also, the sound will be available in my Complete Library in the Vietnam Category!

Click on the hook in the Media Player to download these sounds.



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