In Flight Sound Effects Aircraft & Airplane Interior Boeing 777 Volume Two

Recording In Flight Sound Effects Aircraft in Boeing 777!

Day two of my in-flight aircraft sound effects series! As I promised in the latest post this time we are boarding a bigger bird. The Boeing 777-300 from Bangkok to Doha!
I think Doha is our most visited airport in the last 3 years of traveling and also the B777. In this recording, we boarding an older model of this Boeing and the in-flight sounds from the engine are super loud! I will post sounds from the Dreamliner and the new Airbus 350-900 and the cabin noise is way quieter than sitting in this one.

The flight was on April 18th, 2017 and by this time I used only the Zoom H1.
I recorded from seat number 27D and you can check Seat Guru where exactly this is in the plane.

The recording is a little bit hissier but this was a time I just started out recording sounds and dived into field recording. I still hope you like it and you can use it!

In this second album, I have 16 following aircraft sounds recorded.
1. Boeing 777 320 Bangkok Doha

in flight sound effect 1 :
-the engine is speeding and warming up

in flight sound effect 2
-woman voice “cabin crew take your seat for take off”

in flight sound effect 3
-room tone before the take off

in flight sound effect 4
-clicking seatbelt

in flight sound effect 5
-closing the overhead compartment (no noise)

in flight sound effect 6
-“bing” chimes sound with no background noise

in flight sound effect 7
-take off and rolling over starting ramp with engine boost

in flight sound effect 8
-hanging up the speakerphone and creating interference noise

in flight sound effect  9
-hanging off the speakerphone and creating interference noise

in flight sound effect 10
-after take off in air room tone

in flight sound effect 11
-cabin crew announcement “cabin crew prepare for landing”

in flight sound effect 12
-soft landing at Doha Airport landing field

in flight sound effect 13
-engine rolling with nice rumbling while driving to the gate

in flight sound effects 14
-room tone and engine sound after landing

in flight sound effect 15 and 16
-toilet flush sound effect
-room tone in toilet cabin

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