In-Flight Aircraft & Airplane Interior Sound Effects! Boeing 737 Liberia-Houston Volume Four

This is Volume Four of my in-flight sound album series and this flight wasn’t a fun one. Lots of issues before the flight made me almost leave the plane.

What happened? We waited in line to get to our flight from Liberia to Houston and a few days ago we had the Southwest accident with the Boeing 737 and we took the same model of this aircraft.

After boarding and preparing to take off we waited for about 45 minutes inside the plane and nobody really knew whats going until the captain said we have a turbine issue. Some lights are not turning off.

We had to leave the plane again and waited about 2 hours in the waiting hall.
I already thought maybe we should wait another day and take a different flight but we didn’t so everybody ready to board fasten seatbelt, listening to the safety feature and stop. Nothing happens for another 45 minutes.

The captain came on the speaker again and told us that we have a second problem and it had something to do with the fuel gate and we had to wait for the mechanics to fix this too.

Okay, we had to major issues and after that was taking care of we started the engine and the flight.
I felt so uncomfortable the whole flight and who knows what can happen but we arrived Houston safely but then we couldn’t leave the plane because we had a person on board who had a medical issue and the staff had to take care of it.

Royalty Free Flight Announcement Sound Effects

It was an eventful flight but and the end everything went well and I got some nice crew announcements. I pitched the voice a few semitones so that it sounds different and took out the background noise.

We have in total 14 different sounds and these are following

Sound 01
Room Tone Before Take Off

Sound 02
Room Tone For Drone SFX

Sound 03
“Beep” Chimes, Noise removed

Sound 04
Flight Crew Announcement “Seated For Departure”

Sound 05
Flight Crew Announcement “Safety Feature”

Sound 06
Crew Announcement “Apologize” Aircraft Leaving

Sound 07
Crew Announcement “Back On Board”

Sound 08
Captain Speaking “Second Fuel Problem”

Sound 09
Captain Speaking “Fuel Problem Solved”

Sound 10
Driving To Run Way

Sound 11
Landing and Full Engine Break

Sound 12
Crew Announcement “Welcome To Houston Airport”

Sound 13
Crew Announcement “Medical Issue On Board”

Sound 14
Hanging Up Speaker Phone

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