In-Flight Aircraft & Airplane Interior Sound Effects! Airbus 350-900 Tokyo-Detroit Volume Three

A new In-Flight Sound Effect album is released. This time we flew from Tokyo to Detroit in a brand new Airbus 350-900. It’s about a 12 hours flight with around 6300 miles and if you ask me about sitting that long in an aircraft, I have no problem anymore sitting that long in a plane! I think the longest flight we took was 14 hours from Doha to Atlanta if I am correct.

Inflight On board aircraft sound effects

I am not the biggest fan of flying but if you sit in such a new aircraft I am not scared at all.
We came to Detroit without any complications, turbulence or other issues. Just a perfect flight and I did several recordings that you can download directly from my Bandcamp account! If you have access to the Sync cloud you will find the same album in the Bandcamp category!

The album included 10 tracks. The bitrate is 96/24 so make sure to check out with WAV.

What aircraft sounds are in this album?

Sound 1
-driving to the runway! Nice rumbling

Sound 2
-amazing engine Boost by new Rolls Royce engines and take off

Sound 3 and 4
-of course, we have a toilet flush sound effects included

Sound 5
– landing modus, wings adjusting

Sound 6
– aircraft room tone before landing

Sound 7
-landing modus, wings and wheels coming out

Sound 8
-amazing touchdown in Detroit landing field with some really cool rumble sounds and full engine break

Sound 9
-landed, crew announcement in English

Sound 10
-landed, crew announcement in Japanese

…and now I invite you to download volume three of my On Board In-Flight Aircraft Sound Effect series from my Bandcamp account!

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