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Human Sounds! Crowds Convention Center

In this blog post, I have some awesome high-quality human sounds or “walla” sounds (wall of people) for you recorded. You can use these effects in any of your film, game, or music productions! I just love being creative and learning the process of sound design is so much fun!

To make it super easy to download this sounds all together for free, I created the Album “Party Walla”on Bandcamp with all the sounds that I used.
The main soundtrack started out with the Elevator sound that I recorded in Porto, Portugal. The idea is that the club is somewhere in a basement. Here is the link to the Elevator Sound!

human sounds

I closed the door and then you can already listen that there is music somewhere. I gave this sound a muffling effect by using a scientific filter. The closer the elevator gets to the basement, the louder the music. In the moment I open the door, the music kicks in and people starting to talk. The Sound File is around five minutes.
I recorded this “Walla” at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa and the hall was filled with at least thousand people. I only used for this recording my Zoom H6 and walked around with the recorder in my hand.

human sounds
Orange County Fair

In the process of creating more Volume, I used the Haas Effect in Adobe Audition what is a really nice tool and gives you a nice binaural psychoacoustic effect.  I am going to buy the book “The Fundamentals of Sound Science” just to learn more about sounds. If you can recommend a good book, please let me know!

The Club Music Background is from and is under the Creative Commons Public Domain CC0 published and can be used in any production as well! I am not including this sound in the Album separately but you can download the sound if you need it for your project!  I think it sounds really awesome and here is the backlink!

Upcoming Sounds are High School Football and Icehockey Stadiums Ambient, amazing wind sounds and more traffic sounds from Los Angeles and of course Sounds Of Vietnam!

..…and now I invite you to download this  “Crowd Party Walla Sound Effects”! Just click on the blue “Download” button in the Album!



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