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Recording Howler Monkey Sounds In Vietnam’s Nature

Apes like you’ve never heard before! If you travel throughout Vietnam on a motorbike you get a real sense of how huge and diverse this beautiful country is. After spending hundreds of hours of driving through rice fields, jungles, rain forests, up mountains overlooking breathtaking views, and along the coast, I’m still in awe of Vietnam’s splendor.

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Along with Vietnam’s nature are some unforgettable wildlife. Most notably, this Southeast Asian country has the lesser apes known as the Gibbon. When I made my way north from Ho Chi Minh City I settled in Cat Tien National Park for a few days.


Driving On A Motorbike Across Vietnam


Spend At Least A Few Days At Cat Tien National Park

Within a few minutes of being in Cat Tien, I knew I had to stay in the area for at least a few days. The Cat Tien National Park and it’s lush nature was what was beckoning me.


Recording Nature Sounds With Lom Usi Pro & Zoom F8n

My biggest priority during my stay was capturing Gibbons or howler monkey sounds. Let me tell you, it’s not the easiest sounds to record. Typically these rambunctious apes call between 6 am to 9 am and typically in the evening. Due to the perpetual karaoke sessions and overall sound pollution in Cat Tien, I immediately eliminated the nighttime call.

Another factor I had to consider to obtain my precious Gibbon sounds was taking a ferry across the river. Luckily there was an early ride at 6:15 am. However, the ticket office doesn’t open until 7:30 am so I learned the hard way and had to postpone my trip until the next morning.


Taking the Unofficial 6:15 am Ferry

Spoiler alert… I made it across! When I got there I walked along the forest and took a nice trail to record bird sound effects and footstep sound effects. If you’d like those sounds, there included in the album as well!

Make Sure You Buy A Ticket The Evening Before To Catch The First Ferry

I’m glad I was able to capture those sounds but I was really on the hunt for the Gibbon’s calls. Fortunately, on the way back to the ferry I followed a small trail that led me right to them! Wow, in all the thousands of recordings, I’ve never heard anything quite like this before!


Recording The Gibbon Call

What’s even better is that I recorded these sounds as 360° audio! They can be found in our new VR Sound Library that we just released!

I could attempt to throw in some impressive adjectives like unworldly or epic but I think it’s better for you to listen and make your own descriptions.

After 15 minutes the sound spectacle stopped and the group of Gibbons left. Sure it wasn’t the swiftest and easiest recording to capture, but being in the presence of them was all worth it!

We recorded another great howler monkey sounds from the other side of the world while living in Costa Rica!

Specs:  19 files • 539 sounds • 24 bit / 192/96 kHz • 633 MB • Includes metadata & keywords

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As a Complete Library user (just $10) you can find these sound effects and thousands of more field recordings inside our cloud and use it without credit attribution to us! All sounds included in this post can be found inside the Vietnam Category 3.

Gibbon calls were recorded in 360° audio and can be found in our new ambisonic sound library called the VR Sound Library ($5!).



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