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Howler Monkey Sound Effects & Cicadas Sound Effects! Costa Rica

Recording Howler Monkey Sounds in Costa Rica

I am so happy that I was able to capture this super unique howler monkey sound effects here in Costa Rica. We normally live in Samara and we have howler monkeys as well but only a few around our neighborhood and you could only hear them from far in the distance.

Also, I am not equipt to wander deep into the jungle and alone without any experience we all know the outcome. I might be missing at some point. 🙂

We are still in Costa Rica and this is our last week before heading to Houston and Chiangmai. Right now I have time to work on my sounds. In the last 2 weeks, we shot almost 40 videos with our friends “Boho Beautiful” and I had almost no time to record new sounds. Another reason why I am so happy about this recording.

howler monkey sounds

Short Video About The Howler Monkeys 

We checked in a nice AirBnB apartment situated a little bit in the hills and far away enough from the street. But you can still hear the ocean waves.

Our apartment was amazing and while I was organizing my stuff I looked out of the window and only two meters from me, I saw a howler monkey family with over 10 monkeys sitting and eating in the tree. I took my equipment as fast as I could and started recording and the “concert” began.

howler monkey sound effects

Incredible sound. We had neighbors and they saw that I was recording but kept on talking and laughing. at some point, you will hear a few people chatting within the recordings.

Imagine you have such wonderful animals sitting next to you and some people can’t pay attention.
Besides the people, I couldn’t avoid the cicadas and if you wondering about the white noise in the background these are the ocean waves.

The monkeys left the tree 30 minutes later and didn’t come back to the same tree again. If I record street sounds sometimes I think, Ah lets do it tomorrow. If I would think the same way I would miss this sound.
For the recording, I used in the beginning just the Zoom H6 but switched to the DPA 4060.

I created this album on Bandcamp and created 20 unique tracks for you. You can download the track you like or the full album. You find all these recordings with over 1000 other long recordings in my “Complete Library” and if you want access to it just click on the button down below.

Download & listen to these  Listen Howler Monkey Sound Effects

In this short video, I explain how you can download my sound libraries on Bandcamp for free! Please watch it if you are not familiar with Bandcamp!

Download Sound Library

I hope you enjoy the sound and you can use it for your next projects and much love from Costa Rica!

howler monkey sounds
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