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What Is Bandcamp & How It Works

Since I started recording sounds I needed to find a good way to store my sound libraries. That was not easy but then I discovered Bandcamp. For the past few years, I have uploaded hundreds of sound libraries to this amazing platform.

Bandcamp was founded in 2007 and is for all types of artists. These creatives can share their passion with an audience that can grow over time. You can upload an album, music tracks, sound libraries, sound effects, and then share it with your community or fan base.

As for us, we provide only original sounds that we have recorded around the world. We offer many libraries that are free or at a low cost (we’re talking less than a frappuccino.)

How to download free sound libraries on Bandcamp

From one library to hundreds

Since our catalog has grown, we have bundled all our libraries for one price. Anyone from around the world can access our full discography here at a discounted rate!

No matter what you’re working on, we hope our sound recordings can help you! Our intention has always been to provide high-quality sounds for anyone to use without breaking the bank!

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