Horror Spooky Sound! Squeaking Doors


We packed our suitcases and we are up and ready to hit the road to Boulder, Colorado!
But we had to say farewell to rest of Libby’s family. We went to her father’s old house and as we opened the door was my first thought “WOW, what a door sound! We need to record this”!!

So we took the camera and the Zoom H6 to record this door sound! I open and close the door slowly to get a good squeaking noise out of this door.
But we found a second door that made a really nice squeaking noise too!
That gives you the option to play around with two different door noises! Oh, and by the way if you are wondering! Yes, it is a cat! In the moment I open the second door a cat came in and said hello!

We hope you have fun with it!

For more Door Sound Jump over to our blog post with the Squeaking Garage Door and also the 30 years old Window Blind from Germany! Here are the links!

Squeaking Garage Door and 30 Years Old Window Blind!

The equipment and software I used to capture and edit this sound.
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