Horror Sounds! Creaking Stairway Old House 1929

While staying for Thanksgiving in Iowa we visited Libby’s dad and I could record these horror sounds! He lives in this very very old house from 1929! It is built in this colonial style and had multiple floors. The house is huge and has an unbelievable amount of rooms and her father has in one room many ham radios collected but they don’t work so I missed a great opportunity to record this sounds but I found an old film projector that worked perfectly fine. I recorded this sound and it will be up at a different time soon. I walked up the stairs and stopped!I thought “Wait, these stairways are like music in my ears”. I went back to the car and got my equipment ready! I used the Rode NTG4+ with the Pistol Grip as you can see in the photo.

horror sounds

I wished I had a better pants on because we have a little bit of fabric noise in the recording, but I cant just walk around with only underwear.
The house has as I mention four floors including the basement! I totally forgot to record these stairs because these stairways are even more creepy sounding. But it is what it is! If we go back someday I will do it! The first stairway is from the first floor to the second floor and has this fluffy carpet. Under the carpet is wooden so that is why it cracks so funny.

horror sounds
We are now on the third floor and behind this very old door (Reminder on the Movie with Kate Hudson, The Skeleton Key) is the stairway to the attic. Hard wooden stairs covered in dust and when I walked around the corner there was no light and I looked into the pure darkness. I got Goosebumps especially when you hear your own steps even louder so I went quickly back and ended the recordings!
That was fun!!!

horror sounds

There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.

Zig Ziglar

About the files!
I have in total four files for you Guys! I have two Original Files for you and two files that I played around with in Audition! I just gave them a little bit of reverb and a little bit more Amplitude.

…and now I invite you to download this free creaking stairway sound effects and I hope you can use it!

The Original Version!

Download File

Download File

More Amplitude and Reverb!

Download File

Download File

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