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Hong Kong Market Ambience

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sound compilation: hong kong market ambience

Hong Kong Market

Amazing and unique market ambience from Hong Kong


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Recording Hong Kong wet market ambience

Join me and let’s immerse ourselves in the vibrant sounds of one of Hong Kong’s largest local wet markets with this amazing sound library!

Nestled in the lively area of Choi Hung, this market is a hidden gem that most tourists miss out on. But for me, it was a stroke of luck. As the only foreigner in sight, I felt an exhilarating rush as I captured the daily lives of the locals and the unique atmosphere with my recordings.

Whether you’re looking for the bustling sounds of the indoor wet market or the even livelier exterior market, this sound library has everything you need to create an authentic Hong Kong soundscape. The market sounds are so vivid that simply closing my eyes and listening brings back the rush of excitement I felt that day.

To capture these amazing sounds, I used the Zoom F6 with USI Pro microphones and the Zoom H3-VR. Trust me, this library is a great example of how you don’t always need the most expensive gear to capture stunning sounds. It’s a true gem and a must-have for anyone searching for the perfect Hong Kong market ambience, recorded just a few days before the pandemic was announced. Don’t miss out on this unique and unforgettable auditory experience!


Sound samples

Hong Kong Market Ambience Library



Hong Kong Wet Market Sounds

11 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 2.0GB
30 min

Hong Kong Market

Amazing and unique market ambience from Hong Kong



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