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Hong Kong Boat Sound Effects Library

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Hong Kong Boat Sound Effects Library

If you’re searching for authentic boat and ferry sound effects, our Hong Kong Boat Sound Effects Library is the perfect collection for you. Hong Kong is famous for its legendary ferries that have been carrying nearly half a million passengers daily for over a century. With this library, you can now bring the sounds of Hong Kong’s waterways into your projects.

We’ve captured a variety of different ferry sound effects by recording various transportation options. We took the Star Ferry between Central Pier and Tsim Sha Tsui ferry terminal, recorded a modern catamaran trip from Central to Lamma, and captured the ambient sounds around the harbor. We also discovered a hidden gem, the Aberdeen ferries, small wooden boats with loud diesel engines that cross the small river between the islands south of Hong Kong Island.

Using the AKG C411pp contact microphone, we recorded the vibrating diesel engines to provide even more sound effects for your productions. Our Hong Kong Boat Sound Effects Library is perfect for sound designers, music producers, and anyone else looking to add authentic boat and ferry sounds to their projects.


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