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Helicopter Sounds. Flying above Siem Reap, Cambodia

It was night time in Cambodia and I was listening to this helicopter sounds at night. We lived in Siem Reap for about one month and rented an apartment in a quiet residential neighborhood. We have a video about our apartment and we are still in contact with the owner so if you are interested in renting one these apartments while visiting Siem Reap please let me know and I connect you.

Here is the video from our apartment in Siem Reap!

More useful Information about our stay in Siem Reap!

How did we find this Apartment?

Besides AirBnB we discovered an even better way for renting apartments in South East Asia! FACEBOOK!

If you go to Facebook and search for “Siem Reap Real Estate! They are 2 different groups but all have mostly the same apartments to rent or buy. Houses as well!
These are the 3 groups to make it easier for you!

Siem Reap Real Estate Group One
Siem Reap Real Estate Group Two

All you need to do is join the groups and compare apartments. We went to different apartments and this from Ky was just the best! She is so lovely and friendly that you almost felt like home! Another way of finding apartments is searching for expats groups on Facebook!

If you want to skip the research just go straight to the source! Contact her directly on Facebook here Ky. Kolan or call her when you reach Siem Reap 088 54 91 999/ 012 82 93 82
This is her email address.

We had a fantastic month in her brand new apartment with 8 units. You have a very comfortable bed a big fridge, a little kitchen and a really nice bath with hot water. You also have the opportunity to live outside of the city trouble and very close to Peace Cafe where we loved to get our breakfast.
The apartment is also in a quiet and safe area. where you can enjoy your evening on the balcony.
The flat has also AC and a fan plus high-speed internet and there is a washing machine downstairs!

Her price for the apartment is at the moment only $ 200 (negotiation)
For Electricity: 1000 r/ kWh and Water: $5/ month.
A bicycle is free to use.
A motorbike can be rent for 40 US Dollar a month!

The apartment is located along the Siem Reap river and only 10 minutes by bike to Angkor Wat Temple, 7 minutes by motorbike to Pub street. There are many local markets and supermarkets nearby.

About the field recordings!

The recording was not very long but in the beginning, you can listen to the birds and people talking, slowly the Helicopter comes closer and closer before the helicopter disappeared. In the meantime, you hear somebody open a gate, a dog barking, motorbike horning and a motorbike driving away.
A lot of different sounds in such a short time.
There is also a little bit of music in the background and if you already went to Cambodia than you know what I mean. They love music and big sound boxes. It is hard to get a clean sound because everybody listens to loud music and they start right in the morning until midnight.

Besides this, I loved living in Siem Reap and if you are a traveler around South East Asia you should put it on your list! We are back in Vietnam by the end of November and I can’t wait to record new sounds.

I would like to mention that this is an older sound and that was the beginning of my field recordings and I only used the Zoom H1 for this. but I hope you can still use this sound for a project!

The exact location where I recorded the sound!

“Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony.”
Leonardo da Vinci, 

…and now I invite you to download this helicopter sound effect from Siem Reap, Cambodia!

Download File

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