Heavy Construction & Traffic in Hoi An! Sounds Of Vietnam

Hoi An is such a beautiful small town but it will change! I remember only six months ago this construction that you see in the video wasn’t here. Just a big beautiful rice field with water buffalos! I am not sure if this is part of the 4 billion US Dollar Casino Project but everything is connected somehow. Yes, Hoi An builts a huge Casino Project between Hoi An and Da Nang and it will be the second largest Casino in Vietnam and the construction will be finished in 2035!

Things To Do in Hoi An

This is not the only project. If you visit Hoi An it is nearly impossible to walk along the streets without hearing or seeing a construction zone! It’s getting bigger and busier!

The recording itself was fun! One of the Construction workers came over and I gave him my headphones so he could listen.
I recorded around 15 minutes and after that, I had to leave. Trucks after Trucks arrived and it was incredibly loud and it is still just a little taste of that whats going on if you drive to Da Nang!

You can also listen on SoundCloud!

About the recording!
The video is only 5 Minutes but the recording is 11 minutes! I recorded the sound with the Rode NTG4+ and later in Post, I created a Stereo Version by using the Haas Effect! That is a really smart thing to do.  In my opinion, it gives the audio more volume and it creates a  different depth and how did I do that? I took the Mono File and copy and paste it. Track 1 and Track 2 in multitrack modus in Audition! I pan Track 1 100 percent to the left and Track 2, 100 percent to the right. After that, I slide Track 2 a few milliseconds to the right and export it as a new file.
I think it sounds really good and you can have this file plus the Original File to create your own design if you don’t like it. The Sound Files alone have around 500 MB!

The Place where I did the recordings! You can see only ricefields!

This recording is included in the free Bandcamp album “Sounds Of Vietnam” with over 20 more unique sounds!

..…and now I invite you to download this two versions of this Traffic-Construction Soundscape from Hoi An, Vietnam!

Version One Haas Effect Stereo

Download File

Version Two Mono Original File

Download File



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