Hammer Drill Sound Effects! Industrial Sounds

Recording hammer drill sound effects in Los Angeles!

My German passport had no free pages anymore and before we could fly back to Vietnam we needed to drive all the way to Beverly Hills. The German consulate is in this area and I had to drop off my passport and apply for a new one!

Shout out to the German consulate! My new passport arrived in less than seven days! That was incredibly fast plus both security guys are super fun, friendly and nice!

Anyway, after that, Libby told me that there is a great Ethiopian restaurant in Little Ethiopia on Fairfax. We went there and drove around the area. I could already listen to some hammer drill sound effects in the distance. After a few seconds later, I saw three men working and tearing down a wall from this one part of the house with a drill hammer.

Hammer Drill Sound Effects

Another really nice sound was this one. One of the guys used a shovel and slammed the bricks into the big trashcan. Great recording.

I am not afraid of asking people if I can record them or the sound that they create. I always do this with a smile and be always friendly.

How I record these Hammer Drill Sound Effects

I parked the car and we walked straight up to the construction workers, placed the recorder on the street and recorded with the pistol grip and the Rode NTG4+ shotgun mic in Mono and with the Zoom H6 in stereo. With the Zoom on the floor, I was able to move around with the Shotgun mic and capture the sound of the container as well.

Location where I recorded the Hammer Drill Sound Effects

If you watch the video will listen to both recordings. The stereo and the mono. I mixed them together in Adobe Audition and gave them a little bit more Amplitude. So you can download this version for free as well.

Hammer Drill Sound Effects

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Thomas A. Edison

Download 3 versions of the  Hammer Drill Sound Effects from Dropbox and make sure to check out all other industrial sound effects!

1. Stereo and Mono Mix!

Download File

2. Mono Mix!

Download File

3. Stereo Mix!

Download File



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