Hamad International Airport Soundscape

I was organizing my hard drive and found two files that I never uploaded! One is the sound from the Hamad International Airport in Qatar and another one is from the Suvarnabhumi Aiport in Bangkok! I will upload this file later in the upcoming weeks.
I remember that was the beginning of my sound recording and I only used the Zoom H1 for this so it has not the same sound quality then other recordings but it still sounds very impressive for such a small recorder that you can get for under 100 US Dollar! We also love using them together with a Lavalier.

We had two pretty hard days ahead of us! We flew from Siem Reap, Cambodia all the way to Atlanta, Georgia and had a layover in Thailand and Qatar. Look at the Schedule! 🙂

Flight Schedule from Cambodia to USA with Qatar Airways

We flew to Atlanta because we worked on a project about Human Trafficking!
This is one of the videos that Libby and I made!


After only 5 days in Atlanta, we flew back to Porto, Portugal!

About the Hamad International Airport!
We arrived around 5 AM in the morning and I remember walking around and there wasn’t much going on around this time. I placed the recorder in the waiting hall at Terminal 1 if this is correct and let them run for about 16 Minutes! It is a very calm “The World is waking up” feeling when you sit there in just listen! Together with the sunrise behind the glass wall, it was fantastic!
The real stress came before boarding the plane! We saw a huge line of people who had to take out cameras, Ipads, laptops because if you enter the US from Qatar you are not allowed to have these devices on board anymore! Libby and I thought “On no all our equipment”!

A380 Qatar Airways
We had a lot of camera gear and two laptops on us. But not for long. Everything has to be taking out of the bags and the staffs sealed them in plastic and cartons! Imagine 400 people on the plane and almost everybody had a laptop, Ipad or Camera in the bag.
If you think you could work on the plane forget about it! 14 hours flight but Qatar Airways has good board entertainment!

That was a little Story about this!

Here is the location where I recorded the sound!

These are the sounds that I captured!

-walking sound
-turbine starting sounds in the background
-beeping noise
-electric car drives around
-people talking
-walking on tile
-the squeaking sound from a cleaner car on tile
-electronic golf caddy car drives by
-key clinging sound
-the sound at 6:30 to 6:35 could be a chips bag or something like this
-Announcement in the far background
-Walkie Talkie Sound
-between 8:10 and 8:25 is a really awesome squeaking noise from this electronic cars
-At 11:15 a woman with high heels walks by and creates this typical clicking sounds on the tile
-At 14:45 another clapping sounds created somebody with flip flops

These are the sounds that I captured and hope you can get something out of it!

“You know… the airport is the only place you can walk around with no shoes, a glazed look on your face, and sleep on the benches and no one judges you.”
 Coriander Woodruff, The Call of the Spectacled Owl

…and now I invite you to download and listen to this 16 min long Soundscape from the Hamad International Airport in Qatar!  To download the file just click on the archive.org icon in the media player.

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