German Highway Sounds & Driving Sound Effects

Recording German Highway Sounds & Driving Sound Effects above the “Bundesstrasse”.

A little after the rush hour, we went to Bundesstrasse 465 in Biberach/Riss to capture audio. We positioned ourselves on a bridge overlooking the traffic to get the best angle of the cars and motorcycles passing by. Compared to our other German Highway sound, this one has fewer cars going slower.

We recommend you checking out our other street sounds like the German Autobahn Sound Effect and the City Street Sound Effect from Munich. Each audio is unique to the other in different situations and time of day.

I recorded this sound with the Zoom H6 in 96/24 WAV. You can find these sound effects in my “Complete Library” within the Germany Category!

Download German Highway Sounds & Driving Sound Effects in High-Quality WAV

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