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Free Waterfall Sound Effects La Reunion

Immerse yourself in the sensory beauty of La Réunion Island as we journey to Hell-Bourg, renowned for its Ancient Baths of Salazie. With my field recorder at the ready, I wanted to record the captivating symphony of river currents and the Trois Cascades waterfall.

Nestled within the island, Hell-Bourg is not just a small, picturesque village but a hiker’s paradise, imbued with rich history. Once a flourishing destination for thermal bath enthusiasts, it was severely impacted by a devastating cyclone in 1948, leading to the closure of its celebrated hot springs.

From the historic hot springs, my sound-gathering expedition took me towards the melodious chorus of the river. Here, I captured the soothing, continuous flow of water, a sound that perfectly embodies the tranquility of nature.

Next, I ventured into the depths of the island to find Trois Cascades, hidden amidst lush bamboo forests. A challenging hike led me to the foot of the waterfall, its cascading rush of water creating a potent, crisp sound. Lucky for me, the overcast weather kept the usual crowds of tourists at bay, allowing for uninterrupted recording of these mesmerizing sound effects.

As a bonus, I’ve included an exclusive track captured using a contact microphone, the AKG. I mounted it on a metal pipe, creating a unique acoustic experience as I recorded the resonance of the running water.

With these sounds, we bring a piece of La Réunion Island’s serene beauty and historical charm right to your loudspeakers or headphone. 


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