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Our past selves never would have imagined that one day we would host a podcast dedicated to sound, field recording, travel, the nomadic lifestyle, and running a business! We’re Libby and Marcel and for the past 3 years we’ve been traveling full-time recording sounds all around the world while documenting our journey on YouTube and Instagram. Not only that, we paved a new unlikely path of starting a business that has allowed us to create a lifestyle that we never would have dreamed of!

This adventure started over 5 years ago when we quit our jobs, sold everything, and replaced our long-distant skype conversations to living together wherever our hearts desired. As a couple, we’ve had our ups and downs with living as nomads without permanent homes. But with Marcel’s desire to record sounds our lives changed in unexpected ways. Slowly this hobby turned into a purpose and vision that we both pursued!

Now we run Free to Use Sounds as a business, however it serves much more to us. This podcast provides a platform for us to express ourselves as two positive people who love recording sounds, creating content, and want to share some knowledge we’ve gained! We hope that you enjoy listening to these episodes as much as we making them!

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