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Free Supermarket Sound Effects
Lisbon Grocery Store

Welcome to our lively library of Free Supermarket Sound Effects recorded in Portugal. In the bustling aisles of a Portuguese supermarket, you’ll experience an immersive audio journey.

This captivating sound library offers you a rich collection of Free Supermarket Sound Effects that we recorded east of Lisbon. As you listen, you’ll encounter the ambient hum of the air conditioning, the distinct sounds of carts being pushed around, and the chatter of local Portuguese customers engaged in their daily shopping.

One of the key highlights of these Free Supermarket Sound Effects is the all-encompassing soundscape that captures the highlights of the cashier area. Here, you’ll find the distinct beep of the cash register echoing throughout the supermarket, creating a unique auditory experience that transports you straight to a busy check-out line.

The ‘Free Supermarket Sound Effects’ collection also takes you to the supermarket’s refrigeration section. Listen closely, and you’ll hear the subtle hum of the freezer units, adding another layer to this fascinating aural tapestry.

To further enrich your project or production, we’ve included an array of ambient sounds from the supermarket floor. Hear the rustle of shopping bags, the soft murmur of distant conversations, and the occasional sound of store announcements.

Our sound libraries aren’t just sounds – they’re an auditory adventure, providing a unique perspective on everyday life in Portugal. Dive in and discover more today!


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