Free Soda Can Opening Sound Effect – Opening Whoosh Sound Effect

Recording Royalty Free Can Opening Sound Effects!

I realized that one of my favorite sound effects that you guys are downloading on Free To Use Sounds are the can opening sound effects. Why not recording more soda can sounds?
I recorded eight different cans, placed the glasses and the cans on the surface of the kitchen counter, poured the different liquids in the glasses and drunk from it. I drink the Coca-Cola, parts of the Red Bull and the soda water.

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Second Video Cola Cola Can Opening

Files: 8 files • Including metadata 

Size: 1.4 GB

Sample Rate: 192-24 WAV

Duration: Approx. 10 min

Gear: Zoom F8n, Usi Pro, DPA 4060

Delivery: Instant – blazingly-fast – digital download on Bandcamp

License type: Single user, royalty-free no credit required

Price: Only $3 (similar libraries cost over $50)

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