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Recording door knocker sounds in an abandoned village

I have a special treat for all the urban explorers out there! During my stay in Chiangmai, Thailand, I discovered an abandoned village in the middle of the forest, and with the help of a friend, I found the perfect location to record some authentic door knocker sound effects.

We made the 40-minute drive from Chiangmai on our trusty motorbikes, and when we arrived, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The abandoned villas that were built as a luxury hideaway were now half-abandoned, and nature was slowly reclaiming them.

As we explored the area, we stumbled upon a fascinating abandoned house with a huge tower to the right, and when I saw the door knocker, I immediately thought of “Game Of Thrones”. I couldn’t resist knocking on the door to see what sound it would make, and to my surprise, the squeaking sound was amazing! The natural reverb made it even better.

Now you know the story of how I captured these door knocker sound effects, and I’m thrilled to share them with you. Whether you’re working on a personal or commercial project, these sounds will add a unique touch to your work.


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