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Recording Free Hot Air Balloon Sound Effects in Cappadocia

I recently had the opportunity to spend a week in Cappadocia and record the sound effects of several hot air balloons. I was able to capture the sounds of fire bursts, filling up the balloon with air and gas, passengers boarding and leaving the basket, and much more.

Visiting in December, I encountered challenging weather conditions that resulted in cancelled balloon rides on the first two days of my trip. However, on the third and fifth day, I was lucky enough to record a variety of different sound effects.

To ensure that I didn’t miss anything, I set my alarm for 5:45 am and headed out around 6:15 am. The sunrise in Cappadocia occurs at 7:45 am in December. My first challenge was finding the pick-up trucks that transport the hot air balloons on trailers, as each company has different starting points. After some searching, I finally located some trailers near the main roundabout in Goreme.

Following two of the trailers, I arrived at a perfect spot between the hills and off the main road. Despite the freezing temperature of 28 °F or -2 °C, I was excited to witness the entire process of the balloon being filled with air. The sound of the industrial fan created a perfect drone sound, and as the sun rose, I observed other balloons in the distance.

As the balloon pilot started the gas burner, I was able to record the burst of fire. After the passengers climbed into the basket, the hot air balloon slowly took off, and I left to record the distance fire burst during the flight and landing. Although it was a stressful situation, I managed to make it to the other side in time to record happy and clapping passengers.

It’s worth noting that the take off point can vary between the love valley and rose valley, depending on the wind conditions. Most hot air balloon flights in Cappadocia take around 90 minutes, covering a distance of 1 to 2 km.

Despite not being comfortable with sitting in a balloon with other people, I found the pricing to be reasonable. The cost for a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia ranges from € 140 for a 16-passenger basket to € 210 for a 4-passenger basket.

Considering that each balloon costs over $ 40,000 and requires a crew, trailer, pickup truck, and maintenance, the pricing seems justified. It’s also worth remembering that the tax on cars in Turkey is high, and spare parts need to be imported, making the overall overheads for the companies quite high. If the weather conditions are bad, the balloons won’t fly, which must also be included in the price calculation.

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