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sound compilation: room tone abandoned hospital

room tone zagreb

Room Tone Ambience recorded inside abandoned hospital Zagreb


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recording room tone inside abandoned hospital in zagreb

Little is known about the abandoned military hospital in Zagreb, but one thing is for sure – I was able to explore it and capture its eerie sounds! After asking the security guard for permission, I was allowed to roam around the building and record as much as I wanted. Adhering to the urban explorer code of taking nothing and leaving nothing behind, I ventured through the endless corridors and creepy rooms with just my microphone.

This abandoned military hospital has been many things – a hospital, a movie location, and even an art gallery – but now it stands completely deserted with no doors or windows. The basement was especially spine-chilling.

As I walked, I captured the sounds of church bells and emergency sirens in the background, as well as a haunting crying child. And as a bonus, I’ve included five redesigned spooky room tones created solely from these recordings and different plugins in Ableton.

It’s important to note that these sounds were recorded completely legally and with the permission of the security guard. I made sure to ask for permission and the guard was aware and allowed me to record for a full day.


Sound samples

Free Room Tone Sound Effects Zagreb



room tone abandoned hospital

20 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 3 MB
30 min

room tone zagreb

Room Tone Ambience recorded inside abandoned hospital Zagreb



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