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Free Hong Kong Sound Library at Choi Hung Estate

Welcome to one of the oldest and most colorful public housing estates in Hong Kong.

Of all the places I’ve visited worldwide, the energy and rhythm of Hong Kong have left a profound impact on me, leaving me energized and ready to explore and record this bustling metropolis’s unique sounds.

Step out of the apartment and be hypnotized by the city’s intoxicating vibe. The Choi Hung Estate, built in 1964, has a rich history and an invigorating presence. With 11 blocks, 5 schools, 2 markets, a parking lot, and the famous basketball court against a colorful building backdrop, it is a melting pot of sounds waiting to be discovered.

This sound library encapsulates the estate’s vibrant daily life in the evening. From the bustling local markets, children’s excited voices echo around the playground, and the hypnotic bounce of basketballs on the concrete.

Adults and kids alike are engaged in games of basketball and badminton, while others stroll leisurely, savoring the evening air or pausing to capture the picturesque setting.

You may have seen many photos of Choi Hung Estate, but have you ever stopped to listen to its unique soundscape? It’s more than just a collection of sounds; it’s a sonic snapshot of life in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.


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