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Have you ever tried to create a realistic soundscape for a film, video game, or other project, but found that the footsteps just didn’t sound right?
Footstep sounds are a crucial part of any soundscape, whether you’re trying to recreate the sound of someone walking on dry leaves in the forest or the sound of high heels on a city sidewalk.

In this guide, we’ll explore the various aspects of recording and using footstep sounds, including how to describe different types of footsteps, the equipment we used to record footstep sounds, and how to use these sounds in your projects.


What Sound Do Footsteps Make?

Footsteps can make a variety of sounds, depending on the surface being walked on, the type of shoe or footstep being made, and the speed of the footsteps. For example, walking on dry leaves in a forest might produce a rustling or crunching sound, while walking on a hard surface like concrete might produce a sharp, staccato sound. Running footsteps can sound much different than walking footsteps, with a faster and more intense sound.


How to Describe Footstep Sounds?

Footstep sounds can be described using a variety of adjectives, such as soft, loud, heavy, light, slow, fast, steady, or irregular. It can also be helpful to describe the surface being walked on, such as gravelly, sandy, muddy, or smooth. These are important keywords to include in your metadata, depending on what you record. We recommend incorporating them into your sound file descriptions to make it easier for others to find the specific type of footstep sound they need.


Recording Footsteps on Dry Leaves

To create a realistic sound of footsteps on dry leaves in the forest, you’ll need to use the right equipment and technique and if you have the budget, a sound proofed room. Well, we only have nature and in a recent recording session at Bacon Creek park near Sioux City, Iowa, we tried the Wildtronics parabolic dish to record footsteps on dry leaves.

The sound library we created includes walking on leaves and in nature in various paths, recorded with slow-walking footsteps, fast walking, one person, and two people walking.

We recorded handheld with the dish very close to get ‘clean’ footstep sounds, but in a few tracks, you can hear a distant highway and train horns from the passing freight train. We even recorded the sound of crunching leaves with our hands, which can be a fantastic layer for sound design.


Never Walk Away With Nothing

When recording footsteps outdoors, it’s important to shield the background noise, which is nearly impossible near a city.
However, we decided to still record these sounds because it’s better to have something than walking away with nothing. We published this footstep sound library because we know that it will be useful to someone. Could that be you? Who knows, you can listen to the sound compilation or to each single track on Bandcamp and decide for yourself.

In conclusion, footstep sounds are an essential part of any sound design, whether you’re creating a realistic environment or a surreal soundscape. With the right equipment and techniques, you can capture footstep sounds that will enhance the immersion and realism of your projects.


Be sure to check out more sounds on our Foley Page and this Forest Footstep Sound Effects Library.

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