Fishermen Harbor Sound Effects – Malaysia

Recording Fishermen Harbor Sound Effects on a pier in Butterworth, Malaysia

2018 is almost done and if you are thinking about where to go next year, I highly recommend you look into Georgetown or Penang overall.

It is my second time since 2016 and I absolutely love Penang. Expats, travelers or digital nomads visit or living here and enjoy the friendly vibe that this state has to offer. Malay, Chinese and Indian people are the majority of the population and this cultural diversity made this location to a very unique place on earth. The food is outstanding, the people are one of the nicest I have ever met so far and if you wondering, yes it is very very safe here. I spent one month here walked around day and night and never felt unsafe.

Fishermen Harbor Sound Effects

I could go on talking about how great Penang is but if you are interested you will find tons of travel blogs out there that give you a more in-depth point of view.

Georgetown is Malaysia’s second biggest city and on the other site is Butterworth with its Industrial port.
One day I took the ferry ( I recorded the machine room and hydrophone sounds on that ferry) and went over to Butterworth to record sounds at the port ( recordings available inside the Complete Library).

Sometimes I just drive around without any plans and see what I can find. I stopped at a gas station and searched on Google Maps where I can go next. I saw this pier that goes quite far into the ocean and that was my spot.

It was a gloomy day with clouds and a few raindrops. I drove to the end of the pier and found all these fisher boats leashed on the pier. Because of the wind, the waves splashed on the sites of the boats and these boats hitting the pier. Great soundscape!!

The pier is not really fixed, more like a loose floating pier. Everything shakes around and I had to be careful. One step into the wrong fishing net and I land in the water.

Fishermen Harbor Sound Effects

The sound I could capture around this area is, I believe very unique and extremely usable because of its character. Not only I recorded above the water I used the hydrophones and recorded underwater as well to get this nice cracking sounds.

Fishermen Harbor Sound Effects that are in the recordings

Recording One

-waves splashing on the pier and on the site of the boats, the boats are shaking and hitting the pier. The pier itself is moving around and creates nice impactful sound effects

Recording Two

-tires that are fixed on the pier scratching the boats, very loud scratching and squeaking sounds, in the background calm splashing water and squeaking sounds coming from the boats

Fishermen Harbor Sound Effects

Recording Three

-fewer waves splashing on the pier, boat engines in the distance coming from the Industrial port, fishermen in the distance chatting (very quiet), tire squeezing on boat and pier, boat engine in the distance, airplane flyover to Penang Airport

Recording Four

-squeaking boats, ocean waves splashing, squeaking tire in the background, pier with the fixed boats moves around and metal hits on metal, metallic sounds gets stronger because the wind gets stronger

Fishermen Harbor Sound Effects
Recording Five

-boat engine in the far background coming from the Industrial port, tires are rubbing on the boats, metal hits metal, the boats are shaking with the waves and hitting the pier, waves splashing.

Recording Six

-wind is getting stronger and more rumbling and squeaking sounds coming from the tire and the boats, industrial boat engines in the background, waves getting stronger

Recording Seven & Eight
Fishermen Harbor Sound Effects

-underwater recordings with the hydrophones,-I recorded with two hydrophones and you listen to a lot of crackling sounds and it almost sounds like a bonfire

Field Recording Equipment I Used

Zoom F8n
One Pair DPA 4060
One Pair Limpet Microphones

Review Metadata & Description 

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Category: Sounds of Malaysia, Industrial, Harbors, Oceans
Type: Fishermen Harbor Sound Effects
Specs: 8 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 1.5 GB 
Duration: 21 min 
Equipment: Zoom F8n, DPA 4060, LimpetMics Hydrophones
Delivery: Instant Bandcamp download or Complete Library 
License types: standard license, royalty-free license
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