Fire Sounds & Fire Crackling Sounds! Bonfire Costa Rica

Listen and download to these fantastic fire sounds & fire crackling sounds that I recorded in Costa Rica from my Bandcamp account by clicking on the download button in the media player but before you do it, maybe you like to know more about how and where I recorded this soundscape.

Fire Sounds & Fire Crackling Sounds! Bonfire Sound Effects

Our landlords never trusted his behavior and are always worry about his newest adventure.
It was around 8 AM and I saw him putting tons of little wooden sticks around a tree stump and asked him when is he going to fire them up?

“In the next 30 minutes”! He prepared the area around the fireplace with water and a huge water hose and I got my recording gear because I had to take this opportunity to get these fire crackling sounds.

Fire Sounds & Fire Crackling Sounds! Bonfire Sound Effects

The outside temperature was already above 30 degrees and we had a low wind breeze. Everything was ready and he turned on the fire with a lighter and the whole tree stump was on fire after 20 seconds.

For the recording, I used the DPA 4060 with the Rycote Windjammer and I needed to be very careful that I am not to close! The heat could easily burn the wind protection.
I walked several times around the fire and got not only the fire crackling sounds rather some special effects too!

What can you hear in the recordings?

When he turned on the lighter a car alert went off in the background. Easy to clean up with some noise reduction if you don’t like this.
The fire gets automatically stronger and you can listen how the wind blows through the wood.
You can also listen to a howler monkey in the background, dogs barking, birds chirping and cicadas getting louder as well.
One of my favorite sounds comes at minute 3:17 when the burning wooden starts to whistle and goes on for about five seconds. Amazing.

At minute 2:40 the fire is at its high. You can see that in the wav file and after that, it slowly comes down to its end. The ending of the recording can’t be better than with a horse neigh.

Fire Sounds & Fire Crackling Sounds! Bonfire Sound Effects

That’s it! The whole process took around five minutes and now you can download these sound effects from my Bandcamp Account and if you have already have access to my “secret library” you can find this recording in the Costa Rica category with 30 other recordings that I haven’t published yet.

I hope you enjoy the sound and you can use it for your next projects!

Fire Sounds & Fire Crackling Sounds! Bonfire Sound Effects
Category: Fire, Nature, Sounds Of Costa Rica
Type: Fire & Fire Crackling sound effects / recordings
Specs: 1 file • 9 different sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 145 MB 
Duration: 4:12 min
Equipment: Zoom H6, DPA 4060
Delivery: Instant Bandcamp download 
License types: standard license, royalty-free & license-free license
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