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Fire Blowing Dragon Bridge Da Nang, Vietnam

Welcome to the Dragon Bridge, or how Vietnamese say, Cầu Rồng in Da Nang, Vietnam.
Every time when I drive on this bridge I think what a beautiful bridge this is and randomly somebody told me last year that the bridge blows fire every weekend on Saturday and Sunday starting at 9 pm.
First I couldn’t believe it, but after a quick google search, he was right and here I am with over 1000 people.

Dragon Bridge Da Nang
Before I recorded the sound of the Dragon I recorded the street traffic so you can download this file separately. Both files are uncompressed or manipulated. You find them at the bottom of this blog post!
The traffic stops just a few minutes before nine and more and more people joining this fantastic spectacle.

If you are looking for a clean fire blowing sound I have to disappoint you. I couldn’t say camera roll, sound roll, everybody quiet and action! We have people walla in the recordings but actually in the blowing moment you hear only the fire what is good and I love the sound of the people in the moment of the first fireball. “WOOOAHH”. Just amazing. Listen to it!:)

I walked all the way up to the mouth of the dragon and tried to get as close as possible. If you watch the video, Libby had the camera and was far way behind. So the recording was not next to the camera. If you ask yourself what Camera that is? It is our good old Sony A7s but we know its time for a new one pretty soon.
Make sure if you come to the Dragon Bridge that you check from which direction the wind blows. You can see in the video why. After the fire, the dragon blows water out of his mouth and depending on the wind you can get very wet if you are on the wrong site.

The Video!


So I was standing on the right site of the bridge and used the Rycote Blimp with the Rode NTG 4+ and the Zoom H6 around my Neck. It is so funny to see all the people with cameras and phones and nobody cares but if you have a Blimp in your hand people are so curious what that “thing” is.

Field Recording Vietnam

We living one month in Hoi An now and if Libby wouldn’t have her Yoga Teacher Training we both agree we would move to Da Nang for the last month before we heading to Bali. It is just a really nice and cool town. Not to big (yet) or chaotic and you get pretty fast from A to B not like Hanoi or Saigon with to much traffic and the pollution.

The Bridge on Google Maps


…and now I invite you to download this Fire Blowing Sound Effect from the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam!

Download File

…and you can download the street traffic ambient that I recorded before the fire blowing!

Download File


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