Farmers Market Sound Effects Cyprus

Recording Farmers Market Sound Effects in Limassol, Cyprus

In my opinion, a Cypriot farmers market is a hidden gem. Not only is the soundscape created by the people fantastic but you can also find fresh high-quality products all year long!

The lush sounds of the crowd, yelling vendors, bags being filled, and cash registers creates a perfect European soundscape!


Farmers Market Sound Effects Cyprus
Preparing For Future Sounds In 360°


For some reason, I envision James Bond running through a crowded market chasing after one of his many villains. Or perhaps Jason Bourne on a high-speed chase and inevitably, the bad guy crashes at top speed into a perfectly arranged stall of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Luckily, no one gets hurts… expect the beautiful organic produce.

I find my inspiration for sound recordings by watching movies like this and making mental notes of background sounds that I hear.


Farmers Market Sound Compilation


Who’s Using Market Sound Effects?

For example, sound engineers working in post-production uses these types of market ambiance to bring the picture to life. Often times, the audience is unaware of how much audio makes an impact on the visuals. Without integrating sounds like this or foley, the film lacks depth and appears to be flat.

But not only do films use such sounds. You can find podcasts, apps, video games or sometimes YouTubers using these sounds in the background to captivate their audience. For example, one of our favorite content creators uses sounds in a brilliant way is Brandon Li!


How I Record In “Stealth Mode”

In this video, I show exactly how I record sounds using my “stealth audio recording” set up! Also, you’ll see when capturing ambisonic sounds can be a little too noticeable!



How I go about recording crowded markets without being noticed!

Before I start recording I always make an overview of the current situation. What’s the vibe? Where are the most interesting areas? Is this safe place to be? And is there a radio or music playing?

Typically, before I begin recording I’ll buy something from a vendor like an apple or bread. As a side note… Cyprus has some of the best bakeries in the world. Not only do they make fresh bread daily, but most bakeries are open 24 hours!

Then, I’ll situate my place in five places with the most diverse soundscapes and record for 3 minutes in each location.

What you’ll hear in these recordings:

  • crowd walla at the market
  • elderly men walla sitting at a shop
  • cash register beeping
  • plastic bags clatter
  • wrapping & unwrapping fruits
  • footsteps & walking sounds
  • vendors shouting & laughing
  • Greek speaking language
  • Review Metadata



Recording Equipment

For the stealth recording I used a pair of Loms Usi Pro with the Zoom F8n. As for the “visible” recordings I used the new Zoom H3-VR (360 audio) recorder. The bag I used (& highly recommend) is ProTactic BP 450 AW II.


COMPLETE LIBRARY – over thousands of sounds!

As a Complete Library user (just $12) you can have these sounds and thousands more! All sounds included in this post can be found inside the
“Cyprus Category ” and can be used without credit attribution.


Farmers Market Sounds were recorded in 360° audio and can be found in our new ambisonic sound library called the VR Sound Library ($7)!



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