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Fan Sounds, Soccer Vietnam Azerbaijan U23

Hi Guys! I had the chance recording these incredible fan sounds while sitting in a restaurant with the fans of Vietnam what is one of the finalist teams for the 2018 AFC U-23 Championship what is like the European Championship and a pretty big deal, especially for Vietnam.

Fan Sounds

It was such an incredible fan sound and I went into that I a typical Vietnamese bar/restaurants (Locals only kinda place but everybody is more than welcome to join the party).

First I drove around with my bike and with knowing I knew it was the final Vietnam VS Azerbaijan just started. I stopped right next to a restaurant and sneaked from the outside for about five minutes. That was when the goal was happening. After another five 5 minutes, they spotted me with my recorder and invited me Immediately. So I was able to hang out with the real fans. So cool! 🙂

Coming from a huge soccer nation like Germany creates attention and people get really excited about it but that was so different than how we “celebrate”. But we are a big country and you can go to a Dortmund game and you have a blast and live soccer or you can go to a game from Munich and you can sit around and watch the game. If you are German and read this you know what I mean by that ;).

Fan Sounds

But here in Vietnam it was such an incredible experience and I am talking about a group of around 100 people but it sounds way more than that.
These fans are so happy and so excited and I realize that I am not just recording a sound, no these are real emotions, real feelings that you cant recreate or fake in a studio that is why I am so happy to get this fan sound. It just grabs you and takes you to a next level of celebrating.

About the Game!

I wasn’t there when Azerbaijan made the first goal but I recorded Vietnams goal and it was such a dream goal. If you like to check on YouTube if it’s up it was a free kick perfectly in the left corner.

The emotions? Just Incredible but listen to yourself. Close your eyes and imagine you are there with me.

I recorded so much fan sound like screaming, fans celebrating or all these different musical instruments like the drums, trumpets, or the self-made plastic bottles that made a sound that I have never heard before.

Fan Sounds

It was overall a really fair game but Azerbaijan had the benefit of snow and playing in snow could be the key to winning the game against Vietnam.

Congratulation to the winning team but I feel really sad for the nation of Vietnam. I was sitting there and watch a little bit the after game and interviews that I don’t understand and looked around and realized that nobody was really sad. Everybody walked down the road and still celebrate and HEY YES maybe you lost the final but you still the second-best team and this is something!

Fan Sounds

While I am writing this it reminds me of Sparky Andersons quotes.

“The trick is to realize that after giving your best, there’s nothing more to give… Win or lose the game is finished. It’s over. It’s time to forget and prepare for the next one.” ~ Sparky Anderson

But now I am so excited to give you this incredible Fan Soundscape!

I cut out the best parts of 2.2 GB of sound files! I could have made this sound one hour but I don’t want it that everything sounds the same. but if you think you need more just hit me up and I can send you the zip file of all 2.2GB of sounds.

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