Royalty Free Sound Effects & Sound Libraries

Epidemic Sound free trial

Free to Use Sounds has teamed up with Epidemic Sound! As one of the world’s largest royalty music platform you can benefit from this collaboration as well! Get one month free for both personal and commercial sign ups!

If you’re looking for royalty-free music, Epidemic Sound has over 30,000 soundtracks and constantly new tracks added every week! Use their music worry-free on monetization platforms like YouTube, Facebook, & Twitch!

The deal gets even sweeter with their 60,000+ sound effects already on their platform! You can discover high-quality effects and recordings for your next project for free!

As an individual user you will have full access to both music and sound effects for 1 month!

The commercial subscription is $49 a month and you will get Epidemic Sound’s entire library with no copyright claims or royalty fees for all your platforms (just like the personal subscription.) Plus you’ll get simple clearance for client productions and unlimited use in digital ads.

Whether you sign up as an individual or business you can cancel at anytime with no extra charge!

Epidemic Sound Platform & How It Works


1 month free
$ 15


1 month free
$ 49

Libby and I are very honest people and we would like to inform you that for any signup, free or business we get a small commission from Epidemic Sound.

This small commissions helps us stay longer on the road which means we’ll be able to record more sounds for all of you!

We would never recommend anything we don’t personally use and think it has no value! We personally used Epidemic Sound in every single videos we post on YouTube and Facebook!

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