Elevator Sounds! Spooky Sound Effects Portugal

We spent 10 days in Porto & in ours Airbnb was this very very old elevator & I could record these elevator sounds.
First, I had to open this heavy door made of steel! The door closed from alone. because of this old closing mechanism. You push or pull it and it swings back from alone. In the moment the door closed, it creates already this natural reverb what gives you the feeling of a huge empty room.
Before you can start going up or down you have to close the second door inside the elevator manually. Great “rolling” sound before the door locked.
After that, I push the button and we going down, followed by a squeaking machine running sound and some little rumbles.
I reach the ground floor and I open both doors. The recording ended when the big door snapped in the lock!

That was fun and now it is your turn to create something scary or spooky out of it! Download link is at the bottom below!

elevator sounds

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”
― Jane Jacobs,

…and now I invite you to download this spooky sound of an old elevator!

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