Elevator Sounds -1944 Original Elevator Sound Effects

Recording three spooky elevator sounds in an 1928 old building in Omaha, Nebraska!

We’re back in the United States for the next six months and we visited our friends in Omaha (which is an am mazing city by the way and with super nice people).

Elevator Sound Compilation – Download Below Blog Post!


Our friends own an apartment complex called ” The Ambassador”. This building alone has an incredible spooky vibe if you look at it from the outside. Its very well preserved and the apartments inside are huge.


Elevator Sounds


The apartment complex was built in 1928 and has the original staircases. However in the mid 1940s, elevators were installed to provide easier access for the tenants.

I opened the doors and this sound alone was just amazing. What I really loved about the sound is that there was no distraction coming from any air conditions or other noises that you can find in modern buildings.


Watch This Video How I Recorded One Elevator


For the recordings, I used the Lom Usi Pro and tested the new magnets with it. I fixed the magnets on the metal surface in front of the doors and inside the elevator. The magnets can save a lot of time if you are in a time crunch.

I recorded two elevators this way and then I switched to the Zoom H3-VR to get ambisonic sounds. You can find these recordings (in four channel ambiX format) inside the VR Sound Library. I also exported the sounds to stereo and included them in the free sound effects library down below!


Elevator Sounds


I added more bonus sounds too…

The building has three original 1944 OTIS elevators and I recorded all 3 of them. Enjoy the sound of some incredible door opening/closing sounds, waiting for the elevators to come back & riding up and down inside (interior) the elevators.

  • ambience recordings from the area outside the building
  • roomtone
  • spooky glass door opening with automatic door beeping sounds

Metadata & Description


Download Elevator Sound Library



As a Complete Library user (just $10) you can have these sounds and thousands more! All sounds included in this post can be found inside the

“USA Category Six ”


Elevator sounds were recorded in 360° audio and can be found in our new ambisonic sound library called the VR Sound Library inside the USA Category ($5!)

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