Duck Sounds – Quack & Waddling, Rice Field, Bali

Recording Duck Sounds In The Rice Field Paddies, Bali

Now is the time in Bali where you can see farmers harvesting the rice fields. Before I recorded these duck sounds, I also recorded the rice field workers what comes in one of my next blog posts and has some really interesting and unique sounds included( Already available inside the Complete Library).

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Each morning Libby and I go for our a one hour walk across the rice field paddies. It is our sixth time coming to Bali and if we are here, we always live north of Ubud at Jalan Suweta. Five-minute drive by motorbike from Ubud center what has the benefit that we close to everything but still far away from all the busy streets.


Harvesting Time In Bali

What I learned about the harvesting process is that it takes about 120 days to harvest the rice and in Ubud they do it twice a year. The farmers planting the seeds seasons between January-February and in July-August. The harvesting time then is in April-May and October to November.

Watch The Video Of The Ducks

Why Are Ducks In The Rice Fields

Let’s be honest, are ducks not one of the cutest and funniest animals in the world? Quacking and waddle around is really funny to watch but why are they in the rice fields?

To use ducks in rice fields is not a new method. Chinese farmers used this method 600 years ago and many farmers in Asia adapt this method until, oh wonder, they start using artificial fertilizers, herbicides, and chemical pesticides.

Duck Sounds

More and more farmers that know about the environmental damage caused by all these chemicals found out that they not only save money, but they also make more money and now turning back to the old method of pest and weed control by ducks and geese.

For instants, if the farmers using ducks or geese, they don’t need to spend more money on chemicals, they save money on labor, dont need to use heavy machines (thing about all the diesel and exchaust) and later on they build up another income by selling the ducks later to the restaurants.

Where I recorded the Ducks Sounds

I found one rice field area with at least 100 and more ducks. Its hard to say because these ducks moving around so quickly what is another natural way to activate the rice plants. 

I walked to several different locations and recorded different angles of the paddies. Sometimes the ducks are very close to me and sometimes they more in the distance. There is one point in the recording. where the ducks start to run very fast for one moment.

Besides this, I recorded lots of quacking and waddling sounds. I personally love this natural soundscape and I hope you too and you can use it.

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