Drum Roll Sound Effects – Germany

Recording Drum Roll Sound Effects in Germany

I was sitting on a balcony as a small group of people came by and played with instruments on the street in a small parade. I was listening to drum rolls playing and thought that is an awesome sound you could you use. Luckily I had my Zoom H6 close by so I could record a little bit of it! First, it sounds very close and then they walked away and you can hear it more from the distance. Enjoy.  You can find this sound effect in my “Complete Library” in the Germany category!

Field Recording Equipment I used

Zoom H6 with X/Y Microphone (369 USD)

Download Drum Roll Sound Effects from Dropbox

You can find these drum roll sound effects within the “Complete Library” in the Germany Category with thousands of other recordings that you can use license-free and royalty-free without giving any credit. For only 5 USD!!

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