Download Free Sound Effects On Bandcamp

How to download free sound effects & free sound libraries on Bandcamp!


What Is Bandcamp & How It Works

Since I started recording sounds I needed to find a good way to store my sound libraries. That was not easy but then I discovered Bandcamp and upload from single sound effects up to large sound libraries. As long I export these files to stereo I can upload these sounds. Mono tracks or poly wav files are not possible yet. I upload these special sounds to my other libraries like the Complete Library, All In One Bundle or VR Sound Library.

Bandcamp was founded in 2007 and is for artists of any kind and you can share your passion for sound with your audience. You can upload an album, music track, sound libraries, sound effects and then share it with your community or fan base.


Free Sound Effects
How Much For Your Sound Effects?


How Much Does Bandcamp Cost?

Nothing comes for free right? As long as you download my free sound effects. 🙂 Okay joke on side, Bandcamp cost money and this is how it works.

How Much Bandcamp Cost

If you decide to donate or pay for one of my free sound libraries I get 80% of that and 15% goes to Bandcamp for hosting and keep the system running. The next cut is PayPal or Stripe! They take another cut! If you donate 1 USD at the end I have 75 cent.

But this is not all and here is the point why I rely on donations to keep my sound libraries for free on Bandcamp.

Because I decide to have the sound libraries free on the website doesn’t mean these sounds are actually free for me. Bandcamp charges me each time users downloading 5000 free sounds 75 USD but I don’t expect anything what makes Free To Use Sounds so different from all the other sound libraries out there.


However In This Video I Explain How To Download For Free On Bandcamp!

Please watch it if you are not familiar with Bandcamp & how to use it!


Now that you know how to download my sound effects for free I like to mention that If you decide to donate only $1 the credit attribution on all tracks & sound libraries will be automatically removed. Means you don’t have to give me credit. Fair?

Thank you so much for watching the video and reading. If you have any questions, please reach out to me anytime via Tidio chat, Facebook or email at [email protected]

I have currently over 130 sound libraries stores on Bandcamp and I upload new sounds every week! Go ahead and check it out!



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