Dom Luís I Bridge! D-Line Tram Sound from Porto, Portugal

The Sound files are all down below!

First of all, I have to tell you I love Porto! This city is one of my favorite cities in this world I have been so far. If you ask me where could you live longer? Porto for sure!
When we started traveling in our Camper around Europe we came across Porto the first time. We spent only a few days in Porto but we knew we coming back.

Best things to do in Porto

This here is a little video what we did as we traveled in our Camper and visited Porto! We celebrate our birthdays in Porto. Libby has on the 29th May and I only one day later 🙂

Around this time in May I just started out with recording sounds. I only had my little Zoom H1 and the binaural microphones from Roland used in Cambodia and Atlanta. I came across this sound from the tram and several others while cleaning up my hard drive and I was surprised to find these recordings again. So why not release them?

One of the most famous places in Porto is the Dom Luís I Bridge. The bridge connects, above the River Douro, the cities Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. It is a 172 meters (564 ft) span and was the longest bridge of its type in the world. Pretty cool!!
The Construction started 1881 and a bridge like this has to be always maintained so they work every day somewhere on this bridge.
If you are a field recorder and you want something really special make sure to bring contact mics. The bridge is an iron framework and you could record some amazing vibrations that nobody has. So keep that in mind if you visit Porto.

Dom Luís I Bridge Porto Portugal

One other unique feature of the Ponte Dom Luís I is that it has two levels. One on top of the arch where I did the Porto Metro Train recordings and the other level for the vehicles. Both levels are good to go by foot but make sure that you are not scared of heights. The bridge is 60 meters (190 ft) above the river of the Douro and it might not be for everyone! If you on the first level you can see young adults who jump from the bridge for money. We saw one kid making a big deal about his action and after 10 minutes he jumped from the bridge.

Jumping bridge Ponte Don Luis I Porto

Who was responsible for this bridge?

Everybody know Gustave Eiffel right? He presented this project in 1879 but it was rejected first but in 1881, the public work was adjudicated to the Belgian society “Société Willebreck” and administrated by Théophile Seyrig who was a disciple of Gustave Eiffel, and the author of the project. So this bridge is a German-Belgian-French Project and built for an eternity. If you think about all these things and how much people worked thousands of hours on that bridge. I admire all these people from this time and have deep respect! Hard Work, Real People”!
So don’t use this bridge just as a walkway. Imagine the history and be thankful for such a construct what was made for us.

The Porto Metro “D Line”!

From 1908 vehicles shared the upper deck together with the electric trams and from May 1959 trolleybuses used the upper deck too.
On 27 June 2003, the upper deck was closed for the motor traffic to construct the road for the new D-Line and since September 2005 only the Metro and Pedestrian can use the upper deck.
If you planning on visiting Porto, the Dom Luís I Bridge is a “must see” destination in Porto. Especially at sunset!

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” — Isaac Newton

About the recordings:

I am now on the second level and I was in the middle of the road. I placed the Zoom H1 and waited for the Metro to come. If the Metro comes you can feel it. The bridge vibration alone is fantastic. Also, the Metro gives a signal so I got this in the recordings as well. The train comes from the left and the second one from the right site. Left is when Porto is to the right and I am standing on the right site facing Porto.

Metro D Line Porto Portugal

If I would know at this time what I know now, I would have done things differently and longer. But as I say we live we learn and we still have almost 2 minutes of sound.

.…and now I invite to download this Train, Tram or Metro sound effect

Version one is a Version with a little bit more Amplitude and without the Microphone Rumble.

Download File

Version two is the Original File!

Download File



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