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Dog Barking & Growling Sound Effects Costa Rica

Recording amazing dog barking & growling sound effects at the “Land Of The Strays” or also known as “Territorio De Zaguates! (Library At Bottom Of The Blog!)

Many years ago I saw a video of thousands of dogs living and hanging out in the mountains of Costa Rica. It was one of these drone videos that I saw on Facebook and I always wanted to visit this place. A few days ago it finally happened and it was one of my best days in life!

Dog Barking & Growling Sound Effects

Together with my girlfriend Libby, Mark and Juliana from “Boho Beautiful” and a really cool young woman called Haley who came from the United States but had no idea that the sanctuary was officially closed for the public. We couldn’t tell her that she couldn’t come inside so what we did before the gate opened, we recruited her for our little crew and gave her a camera so that she can hang out with the dogs and capture some footage.

Dog Barking & Growling Sound Effects

We filmed for almost ten hours and captured some incredible footage with our cameras, a drone and made an interview with the founder Founders Lya Battle to learn more about her and the dogs story! But not only dogs. I saw a cat house with around 20 cats and kittens.

Dog Barking & Growling Sound Effects

We hiked with the dogs to the peak and back and let me tell you that was an adventure. First it was hot in the mountains and many dogs decided to stay at home but we had around 200 dogs coming with us. I was equipped with my gimbal and shot the most videos from the head of the group so I run up and waited. With me, “3Leg”. A dog who lived on the street with a broken and deformed leg. He came to the shelter 3 months ago and the only thing that they could do is to take off the leg. It could be caused by a car accident.

Dog Barking & Growling Sound Effects

How and where I recorded these dog barking & Growling sound effects

Still, he was the strongest dog and never left my side. We walke ford 3 hours together and we include his story in the video. I hope he finds a wonderful home.

On this special road trip I had no time for sound recording but after we came back it was dog feeding time and after watching the sound recordists video, what went viral when a dog “ate” the Blimp I thought only using the Zoom H6 and nothing else. 🙂

By the time I am writing this post are 1100 dogs are at the Territorio De Zaguates and you can get a real feeling for this amount of dogs when they eat. I walked up and down with the recorder and the sounds are from normal barkings up to scary-sounding fights but it sounds scarier than it actually is.

Dog Barking & Growling Sound Effects

All dogs are super lovely and hang out with you and play around. If I tried to sit for a second it will take a blink of an eye and you will be surrounded by dogs sitting on you and want to play around. Or if you go to your car and open the door you have at least 2 dogs sneaking into your car. A look in a dogs eye with a smile or just a single touch to show affection and compassion is enough to make them feel loved and at this day I wished I had a few more hands. It is so overwhelming and when Lya told her story, of course, I got tears in my eyes. I heard everything way more intense than anybody else with my Blimp and the headphones.

I also recorded with a Zoom F1 plus Lavalier recorder and this audio quality is fantastic as well.

We are going to publish an amazing video in the next month about the “Land Of The Strays” to raise more awareness and hoping to raise 10000 US Dollar. This money goes directly to the organization and if you like to donate or adopt a dog feel free to visit the website Territorio De Zaguates or you go for yourself and enjoy a wonderful day with the dogs.

Dog Barking & Growling Sound Effects

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”
Will Rogers 


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