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Didgeridoo Sounds TUKU Band Chiang Mai! Live Performance

I am super excited about these didgeridoo sounds and having the possibility to feature these super talented artists from Chiangmai, Thailand!

The TUKU Didgeridoo Band!

Didgeridoo live

Before I talked more about the band, I would love to share with you how I got in contact with the band.

One of my favorite things to do is going out at night and I try to find unique sound recordings. I drove around the square with my motorbike and after I passed the Tha Phae Gate I heard for a quick moment a Didgeridoo playing and stopped the bike on the left side of the road to find out where this sound was coming from. Chiangmai has so many coffee shops and bars with live music and that was my first thought but luckily I was wrong.

I walked closer to the gate and then I saw a crowd of people surrounding the musicians. A live performance at the marketplace and the music was amazing.
Two musicians played Didgeridoo, two on the drums and one incredibly talented guitar player. I was sitting and listening for about 30 minutes and my next thought was that I have to find out who they are and if I can record these tunes.

Of course, I am not doing this while they performing and I was going to record night ambience. So I waited until the next day and found very quickly there Facebook Page and I saw already several videos about them on YouTube and contacted them and wrote a little bit about me and the project “Free To Use Sounds” and got an immediate response from Alek and Nong. If I want to record the music I should come back tonight to the gate and I record it and have a little chat with.

Luckily there was no rain in the evening and I went super excited with my equipment to the gate and everybody besides Jack (holiday) was there and I recorded for about one hour this fantastic live play.

How I recorded the sound?

I think now you can listen how amazing these tiny omnidirectional DPA 4060 are. I used the Zoom F4 with them and faced the microphones to the speaker and the Didgeridoos. The recording quality is in my opinion insane.

how to play didgeridoo

I also placed the Zoom H6 first in front of the band and later on, only next to Jame (Drummer right) to get more of his sounds, Especially the carillon. In post, I mixed all sounds together to create the album out of it!

carillon sound effects

About TUKU and the most important question “Can you use these sounds royalty-free for your projects”?

After the band was finishing up and packing together we talked a little bit about the band. TUKU exists for over 5 years now and plays Tuesday and Friday on the Tha Phae Gate and at the famous Sunday Night Market. If you want to listen to the sounds live you can easily find them by listening and if you also like to support the band just grab a cd with the newest music.

The Band Members are

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Didgeridoo Sound Effects

Didgeridoo Sound Effects


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Can you use the sounds?

I talked with Alek about my website and told them that the sounds that I record, are almost all freely available to download and the majority of creators who visiting my site and using the sounds are music makers, sound designers, and video game developers for example and the can they use the recorded live version from TUKU for there own projects?

The answer was “Yes, of course, everybody can use it.

That is amazing but I would love to mention that everybody who is going to use the sounds and can give proper credit please do it by using the term:

“Music by TUKU Digeridoo Band”

If you are a sound designer, DJ and you want to mix the sound to create something completely new and there is no way you could give credit please contact Alek and Nong via the Facebook page and tell them what are you going to do and I think they will be totally okay with it.

Another great option is to support TUKU by buying a studio version with many more soundtracks on Itunes.

It was such a fun evening recording and listening to the music and with this blog post, I would like to say thank you again to the Tuku Didgeridoo Band from Chiang Mai for letting me record these soundtracks!

To get the live version from my recordings just hit the download button in the Bandcamp Media Player. I kept the bitrate by 96/24. I hope you enjoy the sounds.


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