Cyprus Sound Library | North & South Nicosia Sound Effects

We spent 1.5 months in Cyprus and in this sound library, you can download city sounds recorded in North & South Nicosia! I highly recommend you watching our newest “Behind The Sound” video.

Behind The Sound & How I Record Sounds In Nicosia


This new sound library contains 10 Gb, separated into 44 tracks with a total length of 140 minutes.

Sounds recorded on the Greek-speaking side

  • Historical Museum Cyprus ( room tone )
  • Holy Cross Catholic Church ( room tone & churchbell)
  • traffic sounds across the city ( cars, bus, trucks, motorbikes, honking )
  • Greek-speaking retired men playing games in Cafe ( Backgammon, shouting, laughing)
  • school kids recess & call to prayer in the far background
  • busy crowd around Ledra street ( restaurants, shopping, walla, footsteps )
Recording The Imam At Selimiye Mosque, Nicosia

Sounds recorded on Turkish-speaking side

  • Selimiye Mosque ( room tone, call to prayer, tourists, kids playing, outside ambience)
  • Büyük Han (crowds, tourists, walla, restaurant ambience, footsteps)
  • Turkish speaking retired men playing games at market place ( Backgammon, shouting, laughing)
  • quite ambience at Arabahmet Quarter (background chatter)
  • outdoor cafe ambience ( walla, young crowds, Turkish speaking)
  • birds, pigeons & swallows all across the city.

Full Metadata Report!

UN Buffer Zone

Files: 44 files • Including metadata 

Size: 10 GB

Sample Rate: 192-24 WAV

Duration: Approx. 140 min

Gear: Zoom F8N, DPA 4060, Usi Pro Micro, Zoom H3VR (inside VR Sound Library)

Delivery: Instant – blazingly-fast – digital download on Bandcamp

License type: Single user, royalty-free no credit required

Price: Only $3 (the first ever Nicosia city sound library)!

The Cyprus sound library is currently complete with over 60 GB of recordings inside the All In Bundle!



Every sound on this site have been recorded by us Libby & Marcel! Learn more about our journey traveling full-time as sound recordists...


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